Best Badminton Rackets

In 2015, Victor dispatched the Thruster K Onigiri Badminton Racket. This was an astonishing decision remembering their rackets are generally numbered instead of named. After experiencing the new racket, I had to to ask the question: what is the greatest badminton racket on the market?

This racket is a 4u (80-84g) G5 (littler hold). Hues are for the most part dark and green – extremely striking and it looks far and away superior hung in yellow BG80 at 25lbs – my custom hanging for this audit.victor racket

The other key elements of the Thruster Onigiri is that it has a littler head, like Jetspeed 10 and a slim shaft measuring 6.4mm.

Having effectively tried and explored various rackets in the Thruster range, I expected a head overwhelming feel. It was an astonishment to discover Onigiri felt a shade or two lighter despite the fact that this isn’t as a matter of course negative.

Racket mobility was astounding in the clears. The uplifting news was that I could in any case feel the weight enough to gage the head in the shot. I could likewise feel the flex in the pole as well.

Clears were great, in spite of the fact that the vibe in the general shot is altogether different from a Jetspeed 10. There is unquestionably a vibe like the old BW30 wide body outline.

Dropshots were pleasant with the racket slicing through the air extremely well. Once more, there is sufficient weight in the head to stay in contact with the vibe of the shot. The littler reduced head works a treat and holds a general feel of control in all that I hit.

Crushes were perfect and quick. The more I utilized the racket, the more it helped me to remember the Armortec 900 Technique. This is to a greater extent a control instead of force racket with the weight in the head all the more equitably appropriated. All things considered, despite everything it hits truly hard.

Quick level trades were simple and there is no feeling of tiring that drawn out encourages like these can bring about.

In protection the racket swings truly simple. Piece are simple however drives and lifts require more exertion. This is the place the weight conveyance on the head can truly be felt. You truly need to concentrate on great planning and have great method to move the van into the corners, particularly cross court.

The Thruster K Onigiri badminton racket is an appreciated expansion to Victor’s head substantial reach. It fills the crevice for those players who like the Jetspeed 10 yet would lean toward a touch more weight in the head. Furthermore, it’s quicker than the Thruster K 9000 because of the weight appropriation in the head.

Onigiri will be accessible to chose retailers crosswise over Europe and for all intents and purposes all Victor retailers over whatever is left of the world. This is a decent racket and I can see it speaking to control players most likely more so than force players.

RRP is around £190 (Euro 240) and I expect online retailer will markdown to around £165 (Euro 210).

This is an exceptionally flexible racket with a special feel in the Victor range. I in this way give the Thruster K Onigiri Badminton Racket a rating of 4.5 stars.